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Is it time to turn your life around? To finally take control of your body and your weight? To discover the truth about Polycystic Ovary Syndrome weight loss? The scientifically proven but little known strategies THAT WORK!

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Hi! I'm Dr. Rebecca Harwin, also known as The PCOS Expert. 

My old self at 95kg

My improved self, now and for years at 68kg 

If you are one of the vast majority of women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome who struggle with overweight or obesity, if you've tried almost everything to lose weight unsuccessfully, if you've lost weight only to gain it back - and maybe more, you are not alone.

Most women with PCOS try, and fail. Often again and again.

Excessive weight with this syndrome can:

  Stop ovulation and cause infertility

  Cause low self esteem, depression and isolation

  Cause and worsen acne

  Cause and increase excessive hair growth

  Increase your risk of fatal dis-eases like heart dis-ease and Diabetes

  Create not just tiredness, but exhaustion

  Reduce your quality of life

  Contribute to mood swings

  Cause energy slumps

  Cause increased pregnancy complications

  Increase your future child's risk of heart dis-ease, Diabetes and PCOS

If You Have PCOS And Are Overweight You Need To Lose Weight Now!


I know what it's like to struggle to lose weight. I tried and failed for many years. At my heaviest I weighed 95 odd kg. And I couldn't find a way forward. I wanted to, I tried to.

Many times.

I became engaged. So exciting! And I went with my Mum and my sister to try on wedding dresses. The funny thing is, when I tried them on I felt good. The soft material by my skin, the fall of the lovely dresses, and the fussing of the sales staff. I felt like I was smiling on the inside.

But when I looked at the photos, I felt devastated. All I wanted was to walk down the aisle feeling confident, beautiful. I wanted my soon-to-be husband to witness a blushing, beaming bride walk towards him. I didn't feel beautiful at all. In fact, I felt like a whale in a meringue.

I started with a personal trainer several times each week. I exercised outside of these sessions. I was very strick on my food plan. The weight shifted slowly, and only a little.

Then, finally, I worked it out.

In fact, I lost 10kg in 10 weeks. When I stood on the scales and saw 69.9kg staring back, I cried. And I've kept it off for years.

I was just a matter of discovering what worked. No starvation. No excessive exercise. No harmful drugs or surgery. 

Just the right answers! 

And you can discover the answers now too...

That's why I've created the powerful 'The 31 Day PCOS Weight Loss Action Plan'.

To show you how you too can succeed. Permanently.

As I've helped many other women.


You'll discover simple strategies, unlikely but scientifically proven tips, and easy-to-implement recipes and steps.

I've included everything you need to succeed:

Inclusion #1

Value - $97

31 Day Weight Loss Plan -
Emails From Dr. Rebecca Harwin

Daily weight loss tips, tricks and proven strategies. These emails contain information demonstrated to naturally and effectively boost your fat loss. You may even find the missing piece to the puzzle that makes the big difference to your success!

Inclusion #2

Value - $47

Successful PCOS Weight Loss Strategies Weekly Food Plan

1 Week Meal Plan, Recipes and Shopping List...

This resource has been created specifically for women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome who wish to lose weight. It enables you to use exactly as is, or swap meals in and out to suit your preferences.

Inclusion #3

Value - $37

Conquer Your PCOS - 50+ Delicious & Healthy Recipes For Optimal Living

What you eat & what you don't are critical if you are to successfully and permanently lose weight loss with PCOS. In fact, it is literally 'make or break'!

You'll receive this great recipe book to take the stress out of what (even when) to eat. 

Inclusion #4

Value - $37

The PCOS Diary

A Simple Step-By-Step Guide To Easily Track And Successfully Implement Your Food Intake, Activity Levels, To Implement Proven Strategies Designed To Significantly Reduce - Even Completely Eliminate - Your PCOS Signs & Symptoms Permanently

Inclusion #5

Value - $97

Your Video Guides To A Better Body

Discover easy, enjoyable activities to melt away unhealthy fat with these step by step video guides

These video tutorials include a variety of approaches and fantastically fun fat burning and exercises you can do in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Inclusion #6

Value - $17

'Common PCOS Weight Loss Super Secret Revealed' Special Report

There is an overlooked, usually uninvestigated, hormonal problem very common in women with PCOS. 

In fact, this hormone can cause the 'cysts' in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome...

And it is a frequent cause of weight gain and trouble losing weight.

In this report, you'll discover not only what this hormone is, but the proven strategies shown to restore it to optimal function - and to help you shed unwanted fat, even easily!

Inclusion #7

Value - $17

'Resistant Hormone Causes Weight Gain & Stops Women With PCOS From Shedding Unwanted Pounds' Special Report

There is a hormonal imbalance which is incredibly common in women with PCOS. In fact, health professionals 'in the know' know this to be a major cause of this syndrome.

If you don't fix this underlying cause of obesity and overweight, you may be doomed to suffer from unwanted, excessive fat forever.

In this special report, you'll discover how to STOP this hormone permanently ruining your figure and your health.

Plus, I want you to have everything you need to succeed! So, I'm also including 3 additional bonuses to boost your weight loss success for absolutely nothing, valued at $296.

These are my FREE gifts to you.

Inclusion #8

Value - $27

Your Healthy Nutrient Foods List

Discover which foods are great for PCOS.

The special list reveals which foods are high in Omega 3 fats, magnesium, chromium, protein and iodine, all critical for successful PCOS weight loss!

Inclusion #9

Value - More Than $252 

Lifetime Access - Weight Loss Private Facebook Forum Access 

One of the most important factors in achieving and sustaining weight is accountabiility and support.

Gain access to this private Facebook forum and gain the help you need, without your friends and family seeing your posts.

Inclusion #10

Value - $17

The Secret Sleep Report

Women who sleep 6 hours or less per night have been shown to weigh 6 - 8kg (13 - 18 pounds) MORE than women who sleep 8 hours per night!

Just sleep!

Discover simple ways to improve your sleep, to help yourself literally sleep to a slimmer you! 

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